Advanced lectures 17/18

Advanced lectures will be held February 18-22, 2019 and March 4-8, 2019 from 9:00 to 12:00 on the University Paris-Sud Campus (RER B, Orsay-ville Station).

Advanced Cosmology

Nicolas Busca, Guillaume Patanchon


 Summary    Lectures Lecture place and room
Hadronic physics & nuclear reaction

Zaida Conessa del Vallee, Nicole d’Hose, Guillaume Hupin

 Summaries  Lectures  Lecture place and room
Neutrino physics & dark matter

Asmaa Abada, Davide Franco, Véronique Van Eylevyck

Beyond the standard model

Benjamin Fuks, Nikola Makovec

 Lectures  Lecture place and room
LAL, Building 200, Room 101 (1st floor)
Computing courses

Christian Arnault, David Chamont, Michel Jouvin, Antoine Perus

 Summary  Lectures  Lecture place and room
 LAL-Orsay, room 203

Master 2